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We are specialized in art nouveau and art deco lighting, antique bronzes, Vienna bronzes, art nouveau and art deco glass, crackleware and ceramics, book ends, doll's accessories and collector's items.

  LADY CANT BIS is situated in the WOLSTRAAT 24, 2000 Antwerp. I am there together with my partner Dirk Balduyck. The shop is in the old centre of Antwerp, near the cathedral and the City Hall, (within 2 minutes walking distance). There are about 25 antique shops with genuine antiques, no copies or fakes, in this neighbourhood !!!  along with 11 art galleries!! Check out Dirk's site too:  !






antique Victorian green vaseline / uranium glass perfume bottle Stunning green and pinkish white antique vaseline glass / uranium glass drinking glass  6 Tango glass liquor glassen, Michael Powolny; Loetz Pair of miniature cameo glass landscape vases by Legras, ca 1910 antique bronze mouse, eating a piece of cheese. art deco book ends: squirrels onot & Stumpf, Pantin open salt cellar onot & Stumpf, Pantin open salt cellar art deco chromed metal animal knife rests of De La Fontaine's fables, designed by Benjamin Rabier. Ca 1930. antique French lotto with animals, Zoological lotto, early 1900 Art nouveau pate de verre Muller ceiling light French art nouveau ceiling light, Muller Freres Luneville  Vienna bronze cat orchestra Bergmann pate de verre chandelier Muller Frères Luneville Superb art nouveau top quality cameo glass French Delatte vase!! ca 1920 art nouveau, art deco floor lamp, with wrought iron base and pate de verre bowl by Schneider! art deco bronze 'The Juggler' by CL. J.R. Colinet, Belgium art nouveau ceiling light in pate de verre, wrought iron frame, by Noverdy,  France French bronze "Tahoser" by George COUDRAY , Egyptian lady playing the harp. ca 1895. Height 80 cm acid etched cameo glass Le Verre Francais vase by Charles Schneider. green patinated bronze panter, de Levy art nouveau cabinet by Edouard Diot, Fance; ca 1900 Spectacular polychromed art nouveau bronze: young lady with cockerel at her breast: 'Le reveil' by Anton Nelson  silver plated art deco bronze Barzoi by Louis Carvin pair of polychromed metal Nubiens by Pablo Rigual, art nouveau  2 huge (50 cm) Montjoye vases, gold enamelled and rehaussed, St Denis, France Art deco acid etched Legras vase memento mori, mourning frame, palette hairwork Bronze art deco lioness by James Andrey Art nouveau bronze buste by E. Villanis Art deco Royal Dux musician and dancer art nouveau bronze bust by Emmanuel Villanis, Mignon Superb French wrought iron art nouveau wall lights, sconces, attributed to Louis Majorelle, Ecole de Nancy Fab art nouveau acid etched cameo glass suspension by Le Verre Francais, Charles Schneider 


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