info Baccarat 8 ; crystal amberina vanity set   (Baccarat )    /M1082


Set of  6 pc. gorgeous Baccarat crystal amberina molded swirled Bamboo pattern vanity set pieces. The colour turning from amber to deep cranberry on top.

Some very rare pieces!!!! (toothbrush holder !!)


3 perfume bottles, swirled Bamboo pattern, with original numbered stoppers!! The same number is on the bottom of the bottles! Some  fleabites on stoppers inside bottle necks.

- 1 x Ca 14,5 cm / 5,7 inch high

- 2 x Ca 12 cm / 4,73 inch high

An atomiser, a powder box with lid (chips on the lid),  an exceptionally rare toothbrush holder,  signed in the dish: Baccarat, Déposé (patented) .

!! There is NO ring tree anymore!!


France, ca 1890.


From the series ' Garniture de toilette ' moulée Bambous, tors. (= torsadé, French for 'swirled'). 'Rose teinté' (  in pink colour, often mistakenly translated as ' rose tiente') See picture in the 'Cristalleries Baccarat' catalogue from 1893.

475 euro / set