info Kralik powder box


Lovely art nouveau Kralik powder box, lidded bowl, in green and purple waved glass. The green glass with veins! Art nouveau brass lid. The lid is decorated with mistletoe or holly. early 1900 's

Mark on the lid:
OE.P. (Österreiches Patent) followed by 10385
D.R.G.M. (Deutches Reich Gebrauchsmuster/ German Reich Registered Design) followed by 168180.
OE.P. 12753
These marks appear not only on inkwell tops but on a variety of other products, all made in Germany at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Awesome piece!! Perfect condition!! 1 fabrication flaw in the glass: a spot on the bottom of the bowl.

biggest diameter 4,15 inch / 10,5 cm
smallest diameter: appr. 3,1 inch / 7,8 cm
height ca 2,4 inch / 6 cm

Kralik was a significant Bohemian glass artist, a comtemporary of Loetz, Pallme Konig, Rindskopf.... early 1900's!