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325 euro

Antique art nouveau green aventurine glass; glass with golden glitters Montjoye, Legras with gorgeous enamelled and hand painted decoration of flowers, leaves and dragonfly!!  Ondulating rim and 'dented' model. Some aventurine glass vases are pictured in the 'Legras Verrier' book on page 204 and 205. Ground pontil. Height:9,45 inch / 24 cm

As you can see in the descriptions of these pieces in the book, some pieces were signed L.C. Saint Denis, others Monjoye, others unsigned..... This one is unsigned. These gold glittery vases and bowls were quite rare!!

Beautiful and rare Montjoye vase in perfect condition! ca 1910


The anecdote about the origin of Monjoye: 'Mont joye' (= my joy) was the rallying call of the French king's troops in the beginnning of the 12th century.