info MontJoye 4  bis

2000 euro

Superb pair of antique art nouveau MontJoye, St Denis glass vases with sublime gold enamelled pattern of chestnuts and leaves. 

Frosted glass, thickly enamelled and gold rehaussed leaves and fruits. Each vase also has 3 big golden drops. Some normal tiny nicks, signs of age. Great condition!!

One vase is still signed with the gold monk mark: Montjoye L & Cie, highly sought after by collectors, because this mark always appeared on high quality pieces! On the second vase the mark has worn off.

ca 1910. Height: 50 cm / 20 inch

The anecdote: 'Mont joye' (= my joy) was the rallying call of the French king's troops in the beginnning of the 12th century.

The Legras company, situated in St. Denis, Paris, France started in 1866.