info Moser 3 


Antique gilt Moser, Karlsbad crystal vase with gold pattern of flowers and bows. Round model with octagonal rims!

The vase still has the paper label underneath.!! It says 'Christallerie de Karlsbad, Boheme - Paris. '

Gilt clear crystal running to green at the rim, thickly gold applied . Great condition!!

Late 1800's

Height: 22 cm / 8,7 inch; diameter of the base: 7 cm / 2,8 inch

The Moser company, situated in Karlsbad, Bohemia started in 1857. The fame and name of the rare Moser crystal products was generally spread when Ludwig Moser was appointed a royal supplier of Emperor Franz Joseph I (1878); the Persian Shah Musafferedding (1901) and King Eduard VII, king of England (1908)!