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Stunning French art nouveau hand carved horn bumble bee pin brooch !!
The brooch is made of hand carved horn, signed GIP on the back. for the artist Georges Pierre, first rival of, and later working together with Elisabeth Bonte. 

They were 2 of the most innovative artists of the art nouveau period. They began creating unique jewelry made of horn, designing the most beautiful natural items, such as insects and flowers.... Their designs are now seen as some of the most important genres of the art nouveau jewelry movement and command prices equal to that of any antique jewelry made from preciaous metals and stones, despite the fact that they are made of simple horn...Other artists have worked with horn, but none reached the high level of craftmanship as these two. They did not make a lot of jewelry, compared to a lot of other art nouveau artists. This is why their jewelry is incredibly scarce, which only adds to their value and collectability .

Wonderful translucent effect in the wings of the insect!!
Adorable brooch!! 

2,56 inch wide and 1,4 inch high / 6,5 wide, 3,5 cm high 
condition !! 

Period: ca 1900
Country of Origin: France