info coral bracelet


This is an absolutely gorgeous Victorian 14k gold Dutch 4 strands coral bracelet with a 14 ct gold clasp. The clasp and connecting beads are 14k gold. 
The coral beads are a little uneven in form, but they are in great condition for their age! The gold clasp has 3 coral beads on it. With the 4 strands, the bracelet nestles comfortably around a wrist.
The length is ca 7,5 inch / 19 cm long; clasp included. It is in excellent antique condition. The clasp works easily and is secure. There also is a 14 ct gold safety chain on the bracelet.

made ca 1840 - 1860 !!

Metal: 14k gold, pink gold
Hallmarks: none, but tested for minimum 14k gold.
Stones:blood coral, in vogue in the Victorian era!

Period: Victorian, ca 1840 - 1860
Country of Origin: Holland
Purpose: Anniversary , Cocktail, ......
Birthstone Scorpio (24 october - 22 november)